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powerful during that time. >> the story though about the duel and an drew jackson never ceases to amaze me when i read it. what was the story? >> benton has been jackson's aid to camp in the war of 1812 they were very close. but jackson -- there were a lot of duels in tennessee in those days when jackson was relatively younger. and he consented to be the second of a friend of his who was duelling thomas benton's brother jesse. jesse took a bullet to the buttocks, which proved somewhat embarrassing. as a result of that the bentons were trashing jackson's name all over nashville. jackson didn't like that. he took himself quite seriously. so he went after after the two of them with a riding whip. guns were drawn. bullets flew. benton was wounded. jackson was wounded in the shoulder. he was lying in the street of nashville bleeding profusely almost died. benton sort of realized that given the fact that jackson was the hero of tennessee every loved him, that he'd better get the heck out of dodge. he left nashville and went to missouri and rose up to be missouri's top politician for 30 years. >>
jackson vanek is a huge benefit to russia. and i'm sure the committee understands the efforts of leverage in a negotiation. i think you do that all the time in your businesses. it seems to me this is a moment in which there is leverage attend of the day, and this is a huge benefit to russia both politically and economically. and a lot of us are feeling like this is a good time to be rewarding russia for about anything. the recent elections make a mockery of democracy, democratic governments are far better to operate under, transparency, rule of law, safety of contracts, transparency of intellectual contracts. the human rights situation in russia is not improving. my colleague is not an exception unfortunately by any means and when we ask for help to stop the u.n. security council to -- we get niet in return. now let me make the case for our business friends. look at how gas prices are going through because of instability in iran. gas prices not only for consumers in america and drivers in america, but for the creation of products. when all of you use fuels that are necessary for the creat
framework for business. i also believe that the extension of pntr and repeal of jackson vannic is part of that rule of law framework. that also will assist. i think we should do both. >> mr. chairman, thank you. i want to thank you for your statement. i thought you hit the nail on the head. and i appreciate your leadership in this effort. as chairman of the foreign relations committee, i think we are all on our committee pretty sensitive to the complex tiff of our relations with the russian federation and we held hearings recently on the subject of human rights and democracy in russia and i suspect we'll continue to do that. but i'd say to senator kyle and others who are sort of questioning this thing, we're sort of talking past each other a little bit here. and i think missing the point. russia's going into the wto. this is not a negotiation like panama or one of the other trade treaties we had where we were opening up and lowering tariffs and doing things. wehere. we don't do anything, russia's in the wto, and if we don't lift it, we're denying our own workers. that's all tha
that the continued application of jackson vanic to russia is "not helpful for the promotion of human rights and democracy in russia." and in efforts to punish russia with restrictions only "darken russia's political future, hamper its economic development, and frustrate its democratic aspirations." i think we've got to listen to the folks in russia on the ground fighting for some of these things, number one. and russia's going to join the wto whether or not we grant pntr. and granting pntr is the only way american workers and producers are going to see the benefits of russia's succession to the wto. if we want to cut off our nose despite our face, we can complain about what's happening there. it's a pretty simple equation. so let me ask you, who produces in our state, we're proud of what ge does up there. won't failing the past pntr put your workers in massachusetts at a disadvantage when we're trying to sell into the market without it? >> absolutely put aside a competitive disadvantage to our european and asian counterparts. >> so what are the risks of losing market share in russia if we d
very much. >> i am here today representing the jackson square historic district association not to be confused with the jackson square merchants association that also supports this project. i've spoken to you before about the project which failed and i wanted to do a better job of introducing myself. i am not a developer, i am a salaried employee, a property manager. when i come to speak to you, i am only concerned about aesthetics and the way it looks and feels at night. this really concerns you with foot traffic and how comfortable people feel being on jackson square at night. the 21st century version which exists only in my head and i hope to talk to you about that. our jackson square group, we are really support this because what it will do for the neighborhood and other people have said it, the value of that view down jackson st. is really important and i'm forgetting my other points. the main thing that i want to say, the people that have joined our group, they care about jackson square. thank you. >> i am a resident of san francisco and i am a long-term member of the
sheron ackson as threatening to attack his mother with knife.his mother... tia jackson... sayss her son called 9-1-1 at bout 9-30 yesterday morning aftee &phavvng an argument with her..- oo mental illness... bbt wasn't attacking her.when the officer arrived... jackson says she yelled from upstairs to her son to open the front - jackson says she hearr at 3 18:20:13 ((s. jackson) -3 "instead of him coming p in even get a chance to talk.. he just shot him."7:27:10 ((uglielmi) "whatever was happening innide this housee ssmeone felt compelled to all police in fearrfor their 3 within a minute ann that situation uufolded." unnolded."homicide detectives & are investigating.we're ttld & they are talking to that -3 offiier and otter witnessss. 3 forrnoww the officer has been suspended... which is routine in policc involved shootings. i'm meggn gillilann, fox45 morning news. 3 3 baltimore county police are 3 back...theyyre seaachhng for the suspect ii a string of bank robberies. & robberiee..urveillance photos connect his suspect with at november.... all at
and workers to benefit from russia's joining the wto, congress must pass and repeal the checks jackson-vanik amendments. the jackson-vanik communist countries unless the president determines the countries permits free and unrestricted immigration assistance. congress originally passed a law in response to soviet unions immigration restrictions, particular with respect to the jewish insistence. jackson-vanik help the services and help jewish and is now a relic of the past. every president regardless of political party has waived such as requirements for russia for the past 20 years. when i went to russia last month i met with russian and american business leaders, including don pollett here with us today. i also attack this working to improve democracy, human rights and corruption in the country and i met with leaders of the jewish community. the message from all the this is clear. the united states should repeal jackson-vanik and pass russia ptnr. earlier this week leading russian democracy and human rights activists were two letters calling on congress to repeal jackson-vanik. i'm ent
and that jackson, and specifically will be delegated as right of way for these purposes. to conclude my presentation, i will begin my discussion of shadow issues regarding the park, and we sup will complete this discussion. planning code section 295 requires the planning commission in consultation with the recreation and park review any application. unless it is determined the shadow would not be significant or adverse. in 1989, the planning commission and park commission adopted criteria of the implementation and included the adoption of cumulative shadow limits for certain parts in and around the downtown core. sue bierman park did not exist when these were adopted. following the demolition of the embarcadero freeway, portions of their freeway ride away were acquired and we convicted -- reconfigured. therefore, no formal shuttle criteria have been adopted for the park as it exists today. whereas the park measured approximately 1.3 acres in 1989, it currently measures 1.4 acres. existing buildings in the vicinity cast shadows the remove approximately 40.3% of the available annual sunli
,000 square feet of new open public space. jackson commons would be developed between the residential buildings and the help and aquatics center along the jackson st. alignment. -- the health and aquatics center along the jackson st. alignment. landscape and meandering pedestrian path will lead to a more hard skipped area with cafe seating at the embarcadero. pacific park totaling 11,500 square feet would be developed at the northern end of the project site and contain approximately 4500 square feet, children's and -- square garden and a cafe building would be constructed adjacent to the park, which would include a rooftop deck. the existing guard and what would also be widened, adding an additional 2890 square feet of public open space and connecting the park to bomb -- and jackson commons. the shadow is very small. approximately 0.0067% of the theoretical ana billable sunlight. this would occur for 15 minutes in the morning and evening for june and july. the amount of shattuck would not be significant, and the new shadow cast would not adversely affect use of the park. the commissio
to repeal jackson vannic. i'm entering both letters into the record as part of the statement. one letter from the activist states that today the jackson vannic amendment, quote, only hinders the interaction of the economies and the peoples of the two countries and worsens the human rights situation in russia, end quote. repealing jackson-vannic weakens the hard-liners in russia to rally anti-american forces. the activists on the letter explain that jackson vannic is a very useful anti-american propaganda tool. as they stated, provides a tool that help, quote, to depict the united states as hostile to russia using outdated cold war tools to undermine russia's international competitiveness. end quote. repealing jackson vannic takes way this tool and opens russia to u.s. competition, to ideas and transparency. these activists have all raised serious questions about russia's human rights and democracy record. i share these questions. but like the activists, i believe that pntr should not be in question. we owe it to american businesses, ranchers, and farmers working to increase exports to th
and pacific. part of american history tv this weekend on c-span3. >>> epa administrator lisa jackson testifies next on her agency's 2013 budget request. the epa is asking for $8.3 billion. that's a 1.2% decrease from current levels. senator barbara boxer of california chairs this 90-minute environment committee hearing. >> good morning. i'd like to begin by welcoming administrator jackson to this oversight hearing on the 2013 budget for the epa. epa is charged with implementing critical public health and environmental protections, including programs that address children's health, safe drinking water, water quality, america's lakes and rivers. epa's mission is to protect the public health, including children of families. the agency was established with bipartisan support as demonstrated repeated success in improving family's health. and keeping the nation's air and water clean and safe. the president's budget makes tough choices, some of which i don't agree with, but i believe overall it maintains a strong commitment to epa's mission. for example, the president's budget would make investments
. [ applause ] >>> so one of the principal figures of that oral history project is of course lilly mae jackson, really the bedrock of the baltimore branch of the naacp, who served for 50 years -- 35. excuse me. that's why i'm here with the experts. so i'll throw it back to dr. scott and ask her to sort of discuss how not just lilly jackson, but the involvement of women in civil rights protests in particular. >> okay. finally a question i can answer. the question actually takes me back to my first studies in undergraduate at stanford when i was working with people making the documentary the eyes on the prize. the first course i took was women in the modern freedom struggle. and i was overwhelmed by the fact how little i knew. when i think about civil rights, i think about martin luther king, i may think of a. phillip randolph, definitely thurgood marshall, but hadn't heard about rosa parks beyond that one incident on the bus. and definitely when you think about traditional history book, you don't learn about lilly carroll jackson, gloria richardson or victoria adams. and one of the things when
stories, stepping down to a height of eight stories near the intersection with jackson. the easterly building was primarily six stories, stepping down to five stories near the help of building. i should know all portions of the project are lower than the existing height limit of 84 feet. it continues to descend to the north of the side of the 45 foot club building with the northernmost portion remaining an open space. and this shows the top portion of the project. the transition and height scope of the project in a manner that a shorter to the bulkhead building along the embarcadero. it preserves the legibility of the progression of taller buildings with than the financial district to the southwest. increase height is also consistent with the recommendation of the northeast embarcadero study published by the planning department in june of 2010. the second issue is that of open space and public pedestrian circulation. the new open space area will be situated between the residential area from the south and health club building in the self. this area would serve as a new visual and visu
.s. businesses and workers to benefit from russia joining the wto, congress must pass pntr and repeal the jackson denies normal trade to communist countries unless the president determines that there is free immigration of the citizens. congress originally passed the law in response to the soviet union restrictions. jackson served its purpose and helped millions of jews immigrate freely but it's now a relic of the past. every president, regardless of the party, has waived the requirements for russia for the past 20 years. when i traveled to russia last month, i met with russian and american business leaders, including ron pollac who is also here with us today and i worked with activists to improve democracy, human rights and corruption in the country and i met with leaders of the jewish community. the message for all of these activists was clear. the united states should repeal jackson and pass russia pntr. in fact, earlier this last week, human rights activists called on congress to repeal. i'm entering both letters into the record. one letter states that it only hinders the interaction of the e
a call that 21-year old sheron jackson was threattning to attack his mother with a knife.his pmother... tia jackson... says 9-30 yesterday morning after having an argument with her. she says her ssn had a historr of mental illness... but wasn't attacking her.when thh officer arrrved... jackson says shh yelled from upstairs to her son to open the front door.he did... and that's when jackson says she heard at least four gunshots. t.c. 18:22:16 (ms. jackson) "and that's when me and my daughter ran down here and my said, why did you shoot him, what did you shoot him for? he still hhd the gun at me and my daughter.. don't move, don't touch him. i said what did you shoot him for... he had a weapon...ell wheee's he weaponn and he pointed.. was a small little pockkt kinifee &ppushed ovee there." pheree"homicide detectives are invessigating.we're told they preetalking to that officer and otherrwwtnesses. for now, the officer hhs been puspendedd.. which is routine in poliic involved shootingss i'm meean gilliland, fox45 mooning news. a man is charged with assaulting a student outsid
treats every piece like a brush stroke. jackson says culinary school never trained in how to dodge a knife or a bullet. >> i've received death threats, daily e-mail >> as the owner of this restaurant he was the first bay area chef to a host for grog dinners. as of the diners came, so did the protesters and then came the e-mail threats >> we will stuff a tube down your throat and feed you until your liver bursts >> he says it was not fearful and tell that animal rights activists fire bombed iran's >> eat the terrorism >> fearing the same activists would exact some revenge on his embarcadero restaurant, jackson went extreme >> i purchased a kevlar vest. this would be what police officer would wear. other chefs have had their families photographed and threatened. they have had death threats that have happened for them >> but the activists who recorded this undercover video in sonoma of ducks being for sped to fatten their liver before slaughter called jackson an outright liar claiming he is attempting to seek publicity for his restaurant and then they sent this video clip. >> if you w
. he despised andrew jackson but he was a giant of his time. now he had his protege and polk was elected. it was a rain "day planner" that day. it rained all day during the inauguration. quincy adams kind of watched from a distance and then put rye comments of many of them quite pointed in his diary about polk and the proceedings. >> did you look up his diary? >> oh, yes. his diary goes on and on. >> he has that little tiny writing. where did they get the polk diary, the written on hand? >> that is at the library of congress. >> and jump to another scenario that you painted talking about henry clay. first of all, how did henry clay relate to him and had they run against each other and that scene in the oval office or whatever the office was at the time that he came to visit him and why did he visit him? >> i don't think -- i don't think i know. but it's a touching scene to me. i think it may be the most touching scene in the book. henry clay had been the great opponent of jacksonism, jacksonian democracy, the jackson democrats all of his life. and he had sought the presidency
to washington, d.c. that took approximately seven weeks, during which time the british attacked andrew jackson and his men at new orleans, and old hickory just plain demolished the british force that barge to new orleans, a couple thousand british soldiers were killed. so it's in some sense hardly a surprise when people don't passionate the sequence of events along with it is just too damn confusing. by the way, the treaty that ended the war, it resolved nothing, essentially nothing because of stated reason of going to war were left entirely out of the treaty. we have andrew jackson in new orleans. the treaty again, that's john quincy adams by the way standing at center in the short jacket. the treaty can be summed up in the latin phrase that quincy adams used which is status quo. that is the way things were before war. no territory change, very little change in fact really. except that in some ways, psychologically, and publicly, the war was something of a watershed. and while this may not have proved a memorable war, i'd like to make the case that was nonetheless a very important work in sha
in the jackson st. commons and expanding the parkway and connections to the new pacific park on pacific avenue. we think these are a dramatic change from the visual, and the acceptability of this portion of the waterfront. --- accessibilitsability to thi portion of the waterfront. the sea wall lots for study, and one of the things that was brought out in a local process, and also working with the state land commission is that the lots are there really to support the ongoing waterfront uses of the west side of the embarcadero. there should be a nice financial connection between those. we believe this project is a good use of publicly and to achieve those financial goals, as well as the land use cold i just talked about. just to review some of the benefits to the port we're talking about a $3 million land payment. and ongoing revenue stream of hot% on each condominium sale that potentially take the private property and private use and has continued public benefits and 120,000 per year read for the commercial use in the park. additionally, there is significant revenue generated from the city and
name is cedric jackson. i am excited. i am very excited to see all these different services come into this community. there are long overdue. i am a little concerned that we have to do some subtraction in order to empower ourselves. when you talk about human services agency, you are talking about the economic foundation of this community. we have one of the most comprehensive nationally known employment programs in this country. we run that out of the center and out of 3121 mission. this is so successful because as you have heard other speaker say, this is a neutral site that people are not afraid to come to. we have massive resources that we put into this community and this building around trying to be -- make this community economically sound and self- sufficient. we deal with the hardest of the hardest to deal with. if we not only deal with mothers with children, we deal with people with ssi, people with disabilities. what we do is because we can do it here. if you take us and put it someplace else, where would you put this? would you put this in west point? would you put this
to be responsible. and debbie hulbert cent goes on the defensive against jesse jackson jr. less than two weeks before their prime bering showdown into march madness is upon us and that may be bad for business. another day of unbelievable temperatures in chicago but tonight rain is falling apart to the state and it's moving here. i will have details and the full forecast in just a minute. well, online dating services can get kind of expensive. so to save money i've found a new way to get my profile out there. check me out. everybody says i've got a friendly disposition and they love my spinach dip. five foot ten... still doing a little exploring. but... my sign is sagittarius, i'm into spanish cheese, my hairline is receding but i'm getting a weave. getting a weave. there's an easier way to save. who wants some ronald tonight!? who wants some ronald tonight!? geico. fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more. i'm carol, and this is my cvs pharmacist. i had to switch my insurance plan. but then my prescriptions got more expensive. i felt helpless... frustrated. it was very
jackson said in the "washington post" that it was small arms and grenade fair. that's what we -- fire. that's what we come to understand about dave's death. of course you're in this fire storm of your own trying to process this and people calling and getting out of your work situation. calling students and people and trying to make sense of what happened and envisioning where he was over there. how he died and so i have these visions in my head of him walking down a village and attack taking place and how he went down and hopefully that it wasn't painful and those kinds of things, that was any initial reaction after having to inform my students that i wasn't going to be able to come back for a while. >> right, when did you learn that it was something different? that it was friendly fire? >> our casualty assistance officer came to our home a couple of days later and said it was the possibility of friendly fire. and he just left it with that. he never confirmed that it was friendly fire. never said that there was going to be an investigation. now he was supposed to have done that becaus
they rrceived a call hat 21-year old sheron jackson waas mother with a knife.his pother... tia jackson... says her son called 9-1-1 at about 9-30 esttrday mmrning after haviig aanargument with her.&sh of ental illless... but wasn't tttcking her.when the officer arrived... jackson says she yelled rom upstairs to her son to open the frontt door.he id... and that's when least four gunshots. t.c. 18:22:16 (ms. jackson) "and that's when me and y daughter ran down here and my ssn was blledinn whre yoo''e sitting at right there. and i what did you ssooo him for? -3 he still had the gun at me and my daughter.. don't move, did you shoot hii for... he t had a weapon..well where's tte weapon? and he pointed.. was a smaal little pocket kinife pushed over theee." there." homicide deetctives are investigatinn.we're told they pre talking to that officer and other witnesses. for now, he officer hhs been in police involved shootings. a man is chhrged with assaultingga student outtiie a howard ounty hhgh school... after áheá is caught on tape.. beinggknocked out cold. --fiihh nats-----nats---this
. pallone for five minutes. >> thank you, mr. chairman. i want to welcome lisa jackson before the committee. i have worked with her for many years, dating back to her time as the commissioner of the new jersey department of environmental protection. since you have been at the helm of the epa, i believe our country has made great strides in improving air quality, protecting america's waters and cleaning up our communities and these accomplishments are crucial to protecting human health and the environment. unfortunately, the republicans in congress and on the campaign trail in particular are attempting to argue that protecting our environment is somehow hurting our economy. i don't think that's true. i don't think you need to choose between a strong economy and a clean environment. i think they bolster each other. i think it's oftentimes my colleagues on the other side make broad generalizations without looking at the facts. according to the nonpartisan economic policy institute, epa's toxics rule will lead to the creation of 84,500 jobs between now and 2015. i just mention that as one examp
, dolly was hot. james was a little bit like a nerd andrew jackson was the rock star in new orleans with his wind. but seriously we must grapple with the substance of four. we put a premium on winning which is why though war of 1812 was the forgot 10 war. unusual where no clear winner emerged reading about lyndon johnson about south vietnam and henry cabot lodge to sam will not go down in history as the first president to lose the war, i mumbled under my breath, hold the phone. that ships sailed hadn't madison already lost a war? that prompted me to think about winners and losers to ask the question who won the war of 1812 inouye? although it may seem one candidate, let me explain and a misreading of what the neighbors were thinking many americans talk themselves to think they would have the invading force and not all major%. and a clay assured president madison they are loan and competent to place canada at the feet. quite incorrect. with the invasion that canadians do not welcome them from the south and the three pronged invasion and look to a fair. the northwestern reorganize sta
jackson vanic law links u.s. trade with russia to the country's human rights record. certify that russia allows its citizens to leave the country. the cold war erdesied to push mw russian jews to emigrate to israel. the senate foreign relations cote hearing on the law and whether it should be repealed. this is 1:45. >> catherine the great once said there is nothing so difficult as to escape from that which is essentially agreeable. russian joining the world trade organization represents a lucrative opportunity for united states economy and american jobs. we can all agree on that. we must also embrace rather tha. russia is the largest economy currently outside the wto. it's the sixth largest economy in the world. to allow american businesses, workers, farmers and ranchers to seize the opportunity that russia joining the wto represents, congress must act. we must pass permanent normal trade relations to ensure our exporters can access the growing russian market. u.s. exports to russia are expected to double within five years. if congress doesn't pass pntr, russia will join the wto anyway,
that is why i would be well qualified. supervisor kim: i would like to call up liz jackson-simpson. after liz, matthew poland. >> good afternoon. thank you for this opportunity. -liz jackson-simpson and i am the -- my name is liz jackson- simpson. i has been in the social justice field for over 30 years. i have been blessed to lead a number of citywide national initiatives to support use development and workforce activities. -- youth development and workforce activities. those are some handouts for a number of initiatives i have been able to serve. many of them exist today. one of those initiatives is what is called jobs for youth. it was a large city-wide private sector-public sector initiative that helped place over 1500 young people in private-sector employment opportunities and courted over 60 community-based organizations. city college, private industry council, and the top 30 corporations in the city all contributed to it. it was a private sector funded initiatives. today, it is known as match bridge. it has won national acclaim. it led to the next initiative, the youth opportunity gran
of a classmate. 13-year-old alexis jackson was a seventh grader in alexandria. father, 40-year-old john outside and killed her yesterday in then killedd himself. jackson's wife had filed for divorce last year. >> everybody in my school was crying. >> it is sad to know that someone you know is no longer here. >> don jackson was a fairfax years police officer 16 leaving the force two years ago. two gay men recently attacked in in northwestdents speaking out. they did not want their identities revealed. >> they drag me, pulled my jacket over my head and they were kicking me. the word i hold over and over " fag."as we were targeted because of sexuality. >> one of the man was targeted at ihop restaurant and the other beaten. his jaw was broken during an arrest has been made in the ihop no one has been connection with the other incident. terrifying moments on a jetblue flight headed from new york's las vegas. the trip, theto pilot became erratic. pilot locked the cockpit door, keeping him out of the cockpit. and the pilot started screaming about a bomb and threats from iraq. is when passengers wrestl
in cities across the country. churchgoers traded in their sunday best for hoodies. reverend jackson addressed a standing room only congregation yesterday in florida, today live from sanford. nice to see you, sir, thank you for talking with us. we're going to get to the referred janckson in a moment. he's had a chance to sit down and talk to the family members. reverend jackson, can i ask you what you've had a chance to discuss with trayvon's parents, now a month since his killing? you know what? i'm going to stop you there, reverend, because we're having some audio problems. technical difficulties, as they like to say. we'll see if we can fix the techal difficulties and get right to the reverend jackson. it's been interesting to me to see the number of marches this has spawned across the nation and i wonder what the strategy is, a month in, as they continue to pressure for calls for justice, you know, what the next step is going to be. >> well t see, it seems like th many different cries for justice. it is my fervent hope that reverend jackson is, aside from using this as an occasio
and repeal the jackson vannic amendment. jackson vannic denies trade to communist countries unless the president determines that it is free immigration of the citizens. congress originally passed the law in response to the soviet union restrictions. jackson vanic served its purpose and helped millions of jews emigrate freely, but it is now a relic of the past. every president, regardless of the party, has waived the requirements for russia for the past 20 years. when i traveled to russia last month, i met with russian and american business leaders, including ron pollett, who is also here with us today. i also met with leaders of the jewish community. the message for all of these activists was clear. the united states should repeal jackson vannic and pass russia pntr.
access through the former jackson street. we heard a lot about this with respect to jackson commons. if you really look at the access maps, not the little arrows that go through to the western side of the embarcadero, if you are walking along jackson and you come to the jackson commons, you still have to go either left or right because you cannot cross there. if you are going right, you are right back at washington street. there is no improvement there. you just go down washington and you end up at the embarcadero. it is the same exact length. there is no improvement, in my mind. if you are going the other way to broadway, if you go up the existing pathway that is there. that is no improvement. there is a mid-block crossing so it does improve somewhat if you're trying to get across to the other side but i do not think, as an overriding consideration, this is such a benefit to the city that it overrides the significant adverse impacts created by the project. >> and land use and urban design -- it says that the profit would reconnect downtown and neighborhoods to the waterfront. it wo
-american. baltimore was ending what had been two separate school administrations, and i had met dr. jackson, the colored superintendent who was headquartered in a white frame house on the property of booker t. washington junior high school, not on 25th street. residence lines were sharply drawn. if you read read read from "not in my neighborhood," just how sharply. for instance, my family living in an apartment on madison avenue in a townhouse, we children did not dare play with the children of the appalachian families who moved into the unplumbed garages with no water, no plumbing, on you tao place and right across the alley from the back yards of our townhome apartments on madison avenue. we were unequal. when i was younger, i remember visiting dad with mom at huts her's where he was a window dresser and he had been told he would never, ever be able to rise to a higher level of employment. that's how he migrated to become one of the first people on the police force as it integrated. i remember passing the cafeteria in huts her's and i could see the crystal chandelier, but we went to eat l
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